viernes, 21 de enero de 2011

Sobre el carácter cristológico del Apocalípsis

"In John's work, the fact that the Christ has
already come and wrought His redeeming act among men is
central: the crucified, risen and exalted Lord is the chief actor
in the drama; He walks in the midst of His churches, He opens
the book of destiny, He executes the wrath of God, He brings
the Kingdom'to victory, He shares with God the glory of the
eternal City. We have no hesitation, therefore, in asserting that
this Apocalypse is a Christian writing, not a Jewish nor even a
semi-Christian and semi-Jewish product. The question as to
whether it is to be judged on the same basis as the Jewish
apocalypses cannot be decided by its formal likeness to the
latter; its relation to the teaching of Jesus and of the early
Church has also to be taken into account and by the latter
standard alone does it stand or fall."


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